Vikings Junior Challenge, 2016: Final Standings

The Vikings Junior Challenge, 2016 has now concluded and we are pleased to report:

  • our best entries so far with 47 players entering 51 events accross 9 divisions (Girls Under 11/13 were combined for tournament play, although prizes were awarded for each of the separate age divisions),
  • increased sponsorship which allowed us to
    • add to the value of the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all divisions,
    • provide 6 "Tournament Awards" separate to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the divisions, and
    • give away to every participant, show bags that included a water bottle, a hat, and a Karakal double dot ball!

We are grateful to our generous sponsors, some of whom have supported us every year of our tournament history! (Yowie Squash, Vikings Group, Karakal, Active Leisure Centre)

Congratulations to all players, families and the Organising Committee for a fabulous tournament.

The Vikings Junior Challenge Champions for 2016 were Peter Nuttall and Kiara Chen.

The six, one-hour court hire vouchers supplied by Squash ACT were distributed as follows (in no particular order):

  • Lachlan Watt: Endurance Running!
  • Hamish McLachlan: Sporting Spirit!
  • Joshua Mettam: Most Cooperative Person (when being stabbed with extra duties)
  • Kiara Ward: Fighting Spirit! (against much older players)
  • Kaitlyn O'Neal: Most Supportive Person
  • Akhilan Siththaranjan: Most Helpful Person

The final rankings for the Vikings Junior Challenge were as follows:

Boys Under 11

  1. Samuel Hawkins
  2. Harry Burgess
  3. Henry Kross

Girls Under 11

  1. Kiara Ward
  2. [no entry]
  3. [no entry]

Boys Under 13

  1. Charlie Carey
  2. Hassan Ahmed
  3. Harrison Dale

Girls Under 13

  1. Stephanie Hawkins
  2. Keira Rogers
  3. Kaitlyn O'Neal

Boys Under 15

  1. Samuel Sergo
  2. Samuel Jenkin
  3. Ian Chapman

Girls Under 15

  1. Eva Corkery
  2. Stephanie Hawkins
  3. Emily Potter

Boys Under 17

  1. Peter Nuttall
  2. Declan-Ray Smith
  3. Hamish McLachlan

Girls Under 17

  1. Hannah Smit
  2. Eva Corkery
  3. Erin Chant

Boys Under 19

  1. Peter Nuttall
  2. Adam Gauntlett
  3. Alex Lock

Girls Under 19

  1. Kiara Chen
  2. Rebecca Potter
  3. Amelia Whymark