Thank you for supporting my professional development in Melbourne, 2016


  • Vikings Squash Club
  • Sarah Gilbert (Vikings Group)
  • John Carter (Alucom)

I wish to report back on the Professional Development that was provided to me over the past week. The trip included:

  • a National Coaching Conference: 35 attendees plus facilitators from all over Australia; Thursday and Friday
  • exhibition matches
  • Australian Squash Open Semi-finals and Finals
  • the Talent Development Coaching Course: 6 attendees plus training staff; Saturday and Sunday

In relation to the above, I can indicate the following:

  1. It was worth every cent! I have learnt heaps and already have grand plans of how to share the knowledge and the new innovations with our Club members - both for the Juniors and for those interested Seniors!
  2. The course was long and hard! But I did get to catch up with Nicol David again, and had several hours of opportunity playing, working and training on the professional all-glass court with current and former PSA players including Lisa Camirelli, Rex Hendrick, Zac Alexander, as well as a few others. I also received direct input from Cameron Pilley on elite player management, as well as attending sessions with a Sports Psychologist, a Sports Nutritionist and a range of experts from other fields.
  3. There is a lot of work yet to be done. The course is not a self-contained event that ended with the final session on the weekend: there is quite of lot of preparation and assessment work required of me over the next 3 to 12 months to finalise my qualification, but that's ok. The extra work just validates the cost and level of the qualification earned all the more.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, I am very grateful to Vikings Group, Vikings Squash Club and to Alucom for supporting this expensive, but thoroughly worthwhile endeavour. I am convinced that the provision of further professional development opportunities for our coaches over the next period of time will see a significant return on that investment in terms of player enjoyment and player skills, as well as increased revenue for our Club as we become a more potent force in the wider squash Community.


With Thanks!


Webmaster, Club Development Coach (Talent Development Coach in training!)




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