Referee answers to appeals

The list below is not exhaustive, and it is by no means the only set of statements that may be offered by a Referee when assisting players in the conduct of a match. Having noted that, the options presented below are useful phrases and expressions, that if used at the right time and in the right spirit, can go a long way to helping players remain calm and stay informed!
  1. You prevented her swing
  2. You did not clear or make every effort to clear.
  3. Your opponent could have hit you with the ball.
  4. He was clear.
  5. You could not have hit your opponent with the ball.
  6. The shot was a winner.
  7. All balls were good.
  8. That ball was out.
  9. It was a dead nick.
  10. I cannot be sure about that ball, play a let, please.
  11. I was unsighted, play a let, please.
  12. Your play is becoming too physical, (I want you to stop play and ask for a let when you encounter intereference), I don't want you to barge into your opponent any more - that is dangerous play and it must stop!
  13. You took the opportunity to appeal, instead of playing the ball.
  14. Ball was going directly to the front wall.
  15. Accidental distraction, opponent would have made a winner.
  16. Minimal interference.
  17. Opponent would have made a good return.
  18. Being fair to both players (yes, let)
  19. Move into your opponent's path to the ball.
  20. You may have got to the ball (play a let)
  21. The ball was still some distance from you.
  22. Your opponent possibly could have made it (the shot).