VJC, 2017

Its that time of year again, the Vikings Junior Challenge will be held at Active Leisure Centre on 19-20 August 2017.

This is a SILVER level tournament and entries are now open.

VJC 2016 article by Hamish McLachlan published in Vikings Group magazaine


Our Most Excellent Hamish McLachlan has written an article about the 2016 edition of the Vikings Junior Challenge. That article was published by our major sponsor, the Vikings Group in their December, 2106 magazine.

Thank you Hamish, and well done!


[Text written by Hamish; illustration selected by Vikings Group Editor]

Vikings Junior Challenge, 2016: Final Standings

The Vikings Junior Challenge has concluded for this year with Peter Nuttall and Kiara Chen our 2016 Champions! Six other Marvelous Juniors also received Tournament Awards for various achievements and sporting spirits. View the full article for more information and the list of final standings.

Vikings Junior Challenge, 2016: Draws Published


Dear Athletes, Parents, Siblings, Supporters, Family Pets and other Interested Parties,

we are very pleased to announce that the draws for the Vikings Junior Challenge have now been published. This year, we have 51 entrants across nine divisions - a new Vikings Junior Challenge record! We have fantastic prizes for each division, along with a bunch of raffle prizes and other Tournament Prizes and souveniors thanks to our network of Sponsors.

Check out your first match times: Tournament Page Link

As always, ensure that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your first match, and remember that you do need to mark or referee the match that follows your own. (Ask us for help if you are nervous for any reason.)

Vikings Junior Challenge 2016: pre-tournament update


The entries for the 2016 Vikings Junior Challenge, arguably the most important activity on the Vikings Squash Club calendar each year, were finalised in the past 12 hours. I am pleased to report that over the upcoming weekend of 20 and 21 August, the Active Leisure Centre - and the home of the Vikings Squash Club - will host a Vikings Junior Challenge that consists of:

Thank you for supporting my professional development in Melbourne, 2016



  • Vikings Squash Club
  • Sarah Gilbert (Vikings Group)
  • John Carter (Alucom)

I wish to report back on the Professional Development that was provided to me over the past week. The trip included:

  • a National Coaching Conference: 35 attendees plus facilitators from all over Australia; Thursday and Friday
  • exhibition matches
  • Australian Squash Open Semi-finals and Finals
  • the Talent Development Coaching Course: 6 attendees plus training staff; Saturday and Sunday

In relation to the above, I can indicate the following:

Referee answers to appeals

The list below is not exhaustive, and it is by no means the only set of statements that may be offered by a Referee when assisting players in the conduct of a match. Having noted that, the options presented below are useful phrases and expressions, that if used at the right time and in the right spirit, can go a long way to helping players remain calm and stay informed!
  1. You prevented her swing
  2. You did not clear or make every effort to clear.
  3. Your opponent could have hit you with the ball.
  4. He was clear.
  5. You could not have hit your opponent with the ball.
  6. The shot was a winner.
  7. All balls were good.
  8. That ball was out.
  9. It was a dead nick.
  10. I cannot be sure about that ball, play a let, please.
  11. I was unsighted, play a let, please.

VJC entries closing soon

Just a reminder that entries for this year's Vikings Junior Challenge close this coming Tuesday, 16th August. Get your entries in now and join us for a great weekend!



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